Healthier Minds

In developing Healthier Places we focus on solutions to build a healthier workplace.

Bupa Life Skills

Bupa Life Skills provides relevant and practical advice to help employees and managers navigate the ups and downs of everyday life.

The program can deliver a combination of online and face-to-face learning, by helping employees and managers:

  • identify and manage stress
  • achieve a healthier work/life balance
  • better handle life's daily challenges

Online module examples

For employees and managers:

  • stress and resilience
  • work-life balance
  • positive parenting

For managers:

  • understanding mental health issues in your people
  • managing staff with mental health issues
  • maximising workplace wellbeing

Face-to-face seminar/workshop examples

  • stress busters
  • managing stress and building resilience
  • striking the balance

Onsite Health Checks

Encouraging employees to take a few minutes out of their day to have their health checked is something that could easily benefit your organisation. Not just now but in the long term, by helping to reduce the chance of illness or absence.

We offer a choice of packages – each providing a range of tests and checks, administered by a specially-trained Bupa Wellness registered nurse.

Learn more about Onsite Health Checks

Online Diet and Exercise Portal

ClickFit is an interactive, online program that helps your employees reach their own health and fitness goals. Tailored to suit the participant, it offers weekly plans, expert videos, menus and more – putting the participant in control of their own success. Participants receive regular updates and motivational messages regarding positive changes for better lifestyle habits.

Healthier Workforce Solution

We can help you find a healthier workforce with our ready-made wellness solution designed to keep your workforce healthy, productive and engaged.

Program components include:

  • annual health check
  • online mental health program
  • annual flu vaccination
  • health information
  • work health assessment (online)
  • personal telephonic health coaching

Health and Wellness Information

Regular health information is a key component of any wellness program. It creates awareness around specific health topics and encourages employees to be mindful of taking care of their own health. Bupa Wellness has developed a suite of health information brought to you in a variety of formats that is clinically sound and informative for your employees.


Reflexology is a great solution for taking the pressure out of your employee's day. Our reflexologists use simple techniques applied to reflex points in the feet or hands that can help to relax your workers. Delivered onsite at your workplace we have appointments to help you find a healthier workforce.

Health lounges & Health Kiosks

Our interactive health lounges and kiosks are a way to bring wellness alive in your workplace. Employees can experience a range of activities from Heart Health Screenings to massages and get to know more about their own health status. To suit your workplace we have service options to choose from which are all centred on the importance of maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Bupa Telehealth - Telephonic Health Coaching

Our Bupa Telehealth program offers a flexible approach to telephonic health coaching that can be accessed nationally at a time convenient to your employees. Our professional coaches will guide them through a structured program focusing on improving their health outcomes under themes of smoking cessation, diet and nutrition and stress and resilience. Programs can be tailored from a variety of call options, depending on the level of coaching required.


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